Like it? Rent!

We have made your favourite styles more accesible

Join the circularity with our rental option!


How does it work?

1. Choose the garment you like

2. Pick your time frame. You can always make it longer

3. Prices start from 35 euro/ day

4. We send it to the closest for you pick up point

5. Once you are done pack the garment in the original packaging, stick the label and drop it at the pick up point

A unique experience

Brand’s philosophy focuses on upcycling and transformation – take what you have already and re-imagine it through another shape giving it a new purpose.

For now we offer rental option only for Belgium and The Netherlands.

If you are not from these countries, please, feel in survey and let us know where you are and what you would like to rent and we will make this happen!

The rental helps to reduce clothing consumption and production which, of course, is really good for our Planet

"You don't see what you like? Let us know!"

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